I. Choose the correct answer!
1. Ana : Cici, please meet Betty, mu new classmate.
Betty, this is Cici, my close friend.
Betty : How do you do?
Cici : ………
a. How are you ? c. how do you do?
b. hello, I’m Cici. d. are you Betty
2. Miss Enny : ……….
Nuri : My Name is Nuri. Ma’am
a. How are you? c. How do you do?
b. What is your name? d. Are you Nuri
3. Hasim : is this your pencil?
Devi : Yes, it’s …. Pencil.

Hello my friends. My name is Rini Widiastuti. You can call me Rini. I’m a student of SMP 5. I’m in the first year. I live on Jalan Serka Marimin, Magelang. I was born on the first of January 1998, in Cimahi. My father is Mr. Rahmad and Mrs. Anita is my mother. They are teachers. I’m happy to meet you. Thank you.

4. Where does Rini live ?
a. On Jalan Anita, Bandung c. In Cimahi
b. On Jalan Serka Marimin, Magelang d. In Semarang
5. Where is Rini Widiastuti was born?
a. In Cimahi c. On Jalan Serka Marimin
b. In Magelang d. In Semarang
6. Where does she go to school?
a. At SMP 5 c. in the second year
b. In the first year d. In Semarang
7. What is Rini’s father?
a. Mr. Rahmad c. a lecturer
b. A teacher d. a doctor

Untuk soal selengkapnya, silahkan KLIK…


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