I Chose the correct a, b, or c to answer the questions!

1.I ….. green apple

2.He is…. And he wants noodle.

3. Andi is…. And he drinks a glass of tea.
a. hungry
b. thirsty
c. happy

4. Becak in English is….
a. car
b. train
c. pedicab

5. Ada tiga apel di atas meja in English is….
a. There are three apples on the table
b. There is tree apple on the table
c. There are there apples on the table

6. Saya punya satu buku. In English is…
a. I have book
b. I have a books
c. I have a book

7. The giraffe is tall but rabbit is…
a. long
b. short
c. big

8. The elephant is big but ant is…
a. small
b. big
c. tall

9. The blackboard is dirty but the floor is…
a. black
b. dirty
c. clean

10. Sita has … apple
a. an
b. a
c. the
II. Rearrange the word into good order

11. S-U-B : …
12. T-R-C-K-U : …
13. P-E-C-D-A-B-I : …
14. E-K-B-I : …
15. X-I-A-T : …

III. Translate into Indonesian!
16. I have a pencil : …
17. They like apple : …
18. We go to school by bike: …
19. Three red apples : …
20. A red chili : …


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